Welcome to Whole Farm Cooperative. If you are a new or potential customer and want to order from us please contact us via email at whlefarm@earthlink.net. We will help you find a convenient drop site to pick up your order. If you are an existing customer, thank you for your past support and help in making the local food movement work. We do have limited retail hours, at our warehouse in Long Prairie, on Monday and Wednesday. Call 320-732-3023 to see if we're in.


Producer Profile: Acorn Ridge

A gourmet duck farmer with Ukranian roots.  Read more here.

Producer Profile: Camphill Village Bakery

How are those tasty cookies made?  Find out here.

Producer Profile: Whimsy Design

Nancy Packard Leasman explains the origins of her design.  Read the interview here.

Producer Profile: Valasquez Family Coffee

A family farm with roots in Central America and Minnesota.  Read the profile here.


Producer Profile: Roger Pietron's Minnesota Wild Rice

Read about the beauty of the ricing season here.


Producer Profile: Fresh Air Farm

We took a tour of Marty's organic grass-based dairy and free-ranged poultry farm and learn about companion farming.  Read the profile here.


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