Easy Chicken Coop Plans For Sale – PDF

Building a chicken coop has many benefits associated with it. With a chicken coop, you will be able to raise chickens either for commercial or domestic purposes. Chicken coops provide you with the ability to harvest meat and eggs which can be beneficial either to your family or by providing the needed finances. When planning to keep birds either as a hobby or for commercial purposes, there are several considerations that one should have in mind. First of all you need to determine the number of chickens you plan to bring up. It does not matter if you need a chicken coop design for 10 chickens or a chicken coop design for 15 chickens.  The number of chickens will give you a clear amount of budget that you require for your investment.  Then you should pick easy chicken coop plans for sale that fits your requirements and budget.

How To Build a Chicken Coop

However, people keep these birds as pets and not for commercial purposes. Still in this case, the number of chickens to be raised has to be considered. The second most crucial thing to consider is diet and the health of your chicken. Just as humans get sick, chickens can also get sick and sometimes the sick chicken may also affect you either directly or indirectly. In this case a professional veterinary doctor who is responsible for the health of birds or animals in general will be required. In addition, you also have to know and understand what a chicken eats and distinguish foods that are either given to poultry kept for meat or eggs.

The next crucial thing in raising chickens is housing of your chicken. Of course you do not want your birds to stay outside. Coming up with a chicken house or a chicken coop is a worth investment for people entering into chicken raising either as a business or for fun. A chicken coop provides shelter and security for your chickens. Chickens need shelter and security from the many predators such as coyote which eat them.  In addition to needing a set of good, easy chicken coop plans PDF, there are several considerations that should be used when one is coming up with a chicken coop. These considerations or steps include the following;

Set up goals

Depending on whether you are keeping them for food or for commercial service, the size of your chicken coop will differ substantially. This means that for many chickens, you will require a relatively larger coop than if you were just keeping ten chickens. Before starting on any plan of the chicken coop you should be in a position to know how many chickens you are going to keep, the reason as to why you want to keep the chicken and the space you have to build the coop.

Set up the plan

Having identified the needs and the uses of the chicken coop, you now have or need to come up with a concrete plan on where and how you want the coop built. Regardless of the size of your it, you need to come up with a clear detailed drawing of the coop plan.  One of the best and easy ways is to buy a set of easy chicken coop plans.

You can either choose to build a coop by yourself, or give the contract to qualified coop builders. Assuming that you want to make it yourself, you need to start by getting the best location to build the coop. This can be behind the main house, which is in the backyard or on the sides and sometimes at the front. Some people even choose to build it next to the dog kennel for added security to predators depending on the location. Next are the building materials that you need.

There are many ready-made easy chicken coop plans for sale that can be bought and used. however, for a more complex coop or a coop of you own original design, you need to purchase different types of the building materials. However, starting the building from scratch may require higher skills of building. Beginners are therefore advised to start with easier procedures. There are several factors that should be considered for your coop. These are:

1. Protection and shelter

Usually, many people prefer to cover the outer portion of the coop with a wire mesh. This protects the chicken from the predators. Predators such as dogs, skunks and coyotes are some of the common predators of chicken which can dash in to your yard and snatch the chicken. To curb larger predators which may be able to chew or break the wire mesh, you need to build a coop that is 2-3 feet higher than the ground. This elevation will discourage larger dogs or other predators that can easily break the mesh. In addition, you should also include a ramp if you live in a snow area, and this will help the chicken to get out of the wet ground.

2. The perching area

Chicken enjoy sleeping on perches and so you need to make sure that you add these perches if they are not included in your coop design. You should also include a lamp holder to produce some warmth emulating sunlight.

3. The nesting area

The nesting area is one of the most vital places of a chicken coop as this is where your chicken will be laying their eggs. Usually, chicken lays a single egg after one or two days. The rate differs depending on weather patterns as well as the breed of the chicken you chose to keep. In normal conditions, layers yield up to 310 eggs in one year. This calls for a good nesting area especially if you will not be collecting the eggs on daily basis.

4. The insulation

Since most chicken coops are outside, it is good to consider the insulation of your coop while building. This will protect your chicken from the changing of weather conditions. For your chicken to remain healthy and live longer, insulation is vital in protection against cold or rain and heat changes.

5. Ventilation

Proper air flow in and out of the coop is needed to keep your chicken refreshed. When building, make sure you include as small window which should be covered with a mesh wire to prevent the predators.

6. Your access

Now and then you will also need to get in to the coop to feed the chicken or collect the eggs. Make sure you also include a small door that you can fit in for quick access.

It is also good to note that you should avoid contamination of your chicken food by placing them out of the coop.

How To Build a Chicken Coop

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to make a chicken coop from scratch.


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